Mobily CFO reiterates tower deal options with Zain Saudi Arabia

Mobily chief financial officer, Khaled Abanami has confirmed the mobile operator is examining three options with fellow Saudi cellco, Zain with respect to combining and extracting value from their combined tower assets in the Kingdom.

At the beginning of July, Mobily and Zain Saudi Arabia announced they had entered a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore options regarding how best to extract value from their combined tower infrastructure.

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Dubai hunkers down on cyber security

The recent announcement of the introduction of the Dubai Cyber Index for government entities in the emirate is another example of the emirate’s acknowledgement of the central importance of cyber security, and indeed cyber resilience, in securing the progress of its economy and society,  particularly at these most uncertain of times.

Dubai’s focus on rigorous cyber security oversight and controls may be a crucial factor in helping the city rebound faster from the COVID-19 induced economic slowdown than other centres around the world

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State-sponsored hacking emerges as the new arms race

The world appears to be going through a period of rising real-world international tension, what with China and India sabre rattling over territorial claims at their shared border, and North Korea ratcheting up aggressive rhetoric against the South. Ongoing disputes continue to simmer in other regions including Syria, Yemen Hong Kong, and parts of the Middle East, though even more alarming than these infractions is the seeming rise of far less tangible though equally destructive cyber espionage.

It is no exaggeration to say that safeguarding exploding digital environments is one of the single most important undertakings of our time

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Uncertainty should compel greater investment in cyber defences not less

Perhaps the ongoing pandemic and the havoc it is wreaking across economies and societies around the world has me a little skittish, but the revelations this week that Japanese car manufacturer Honda has been hit by a cyber attack made me hope this is not a precursor to significant difficulties for yet another global brand.

Socio-economic distractions being wrought by Coronavirus are emboldening threat actors to prey on averted attention on technologies, people, and processes to exploit digital systems

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Zain and Orascom pushed out of Lebanon, at least temporarily

The government of Lebanon has resumed operational management of state-owned cellcos Alfa and touch after operating contracts held by Orascom Telecom Media and Technology (OTMT) and Zain Group, respectively, expired earlier this year.

An international tender for new contracts is set to be readied within three months, covering management and operation of the cellcos

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