Securing “The World’s Greatest Show”

I was recently visiting London and came away surprised by just how far the awareness-raising campaign for Expo 2020 has broken through internationally. Billboards and prime-time television commercial spots communicated the virtues of the upcoming “world’s greatest show,” which at fewer than 50 weeks away, is fast becoming a reality.  

EY forecasts Expo will boost the UAE’s economy by AED 122.6 billion (US$ 33.4 billion) and support 905,200 job-years between 2013 and 2031

The dazzling array of attractions and activities planned for the event, many of which will be integrated into the Emirate’s existing digital infrastructure, means service providers and networks have to cope with twin pressures of an anticipated surge in digital traffic while at the same time maintaining, if not improving, customer experience. No short cuts permitted.

Having successfully advertised Expo 2020 to a global audience and whetted the appetites of millions, there is virtually zero room for error. Beyond the physical and logistical checks and balances required to deliver an awe-inspiring show, the inclusion of cyber resilience across all digital networks and terminals must and is being prioritised. Raising basic cyber resilience literacy and making the topic a well understood one is also key to helping deliver a safe and memorable Expo.

Advisory and consulting firm EY forecasts investments made by Expo 2020 in preparation for the event will drive significant long-term benefits for the UAE, boosting the country’s economy by AED 122.6 billion (US$ 33.4 billion) and supporting 905,200 job-years between 2013 and 2031. Clearly there’s everything to gain should Expo deliver on the promise of wonderment it is communicating to the world.


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